Ashley Chesser

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Note: Ashley Tendick is my maiden name. So yes, that's really me in the credits.

Marie & Mildred's Matchbooks

Role: Writing, Directing & Editing
Length: 7 min 30 secs

The discovery of a candy box full of matchbooks leads to a search for information about two female family legends. Marie and Mildred collected the matchbooks from various clubs, restaurants and tourist attractions in the 1920's to 1960's, supporting themselves through their careers as telephone operators.

Bicycle Alphabet

Role: Filming & Editing
Length: 4 min 17 secs

Bicycle Alphabet is not just a movie, it's a shout-out, sing loud, audience participation sing-a-long. Featured in the Filmed by Bike festival in Portland, Bicycle Alphabet received the independent music award for its original score by The Amish Surfers.

Kennedy Boleyn

Role: Writing, Directing & Editing
Length: 3 min 23 secs

A milk-obsessed and misunderstood beauty school student, Kennedy Boleyn searches for a real friend to replace her mannequin head companions. Created in 24 hours for the Portland Film Race 2008. 1st Runner-Up. Music by the Arizona Project.


Role: Directing, Filming, Editing
Length: 3 min 43 secs

An eccentric young woman obsessed with figurines thinks she's finally found a way to bring her world to life. Filmed in Super 8. Music by Analog Robots

Open Heart (Trailer)

Role: Editing
Length: 41 secs (Trailer)
        26 mins (Film)

Nine month old Jamal's life is threatened by congenital heart disease. This true emotional journey highlights the plight of the struggling Palestinian healthcare system under occupation from the perspective of Doctor, Patient and Humanitarian organization.